Ticks and Disease

Did you know that many ticks are infected with more than one disease? STOP provides information on ticks and the diseases they carry. Learn to recognize ticks that are endemic to your area.

Ticks, disease, research and preventionResources
STOP provides many resources for families dealing with the affects of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.

Free prescription medications are available for those who qualify through NeedyMeds.

Search the NIH, CDC or Pubmed.

Search your state health agencies for information on ticks and tick-borne disease

Preventing Disease

STOP offers educational and prevention programs to schools, public and private employers. Whether your interested in property management or personal protection, STOP can show you how to keep your family safe this year.

Ticks, disease, research and preventionResearch Initiatives
Learn what’s being done on the frontlines to prevent the spread of tick-borne illness.

STOP provides information on Federal research as well as initiatives being conducted in Dutchess County, NY.